Shire Officers

PLEASE NOTE: email addresses will have either “” and “” for the time being. These are NOT typos. Please double-check before sending your email. This notice will be removed once all have migrated to the new system.

Senseschal BadgeSeneschal: Lord Basileios Philanthropenos Philomathes

Email: seneschal[at]solhaven [dot]meridies[dot]org

Exchequer/Reeve: Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli

Email: exchequer[at]solhaven[dot]meridies[dot]org

Minister of Arts & Sciences: OPEN

Email: lmoas[at]solhaven[dot]com

Badge of the webministerWebminister: Lady Theresia Magyar

Email: webminister[at]solhaven[dot]meridies[dot]org

Herald: Lord Basileios Philanthropenos Philomathes

Email: herald[at]solhaven[dot]com

Knight MarshalKnight Marshal (Heavy): Duke Bryce MacLaren

Email: marshal[at]solhaven[dot]com

Chronicler: Meistres Bronwen o Gydweli

Email: chronicler[at]solhaven[dot]com

Other Offices:

Youth Marshal: Baron William Scrivener

Email: youth_combat[at]solhaven[dot]com

Marshal (Live Weapons): The Honorable Lord John Haddecombe and Lady Generys le Boghyere

Email: archery[at]solhaven[dot]com